Calendar event Booking

Google (Forms + Calendar) = Scheduling system

This add-on helps you connect and sync Google Forms with Google Calendar to create a scheduling system that your customers can book your Calendar’s events by submitting the forms.

Google Suite Apps

Calendar event Booking is an application in the Google Suite Marketplace that is available to millions of users worldwide.

Robust, simple and reliable

Simply connecting Google Forms and Calendar, but this connection makes up the most powerful, efficient and reliable Scheduling system.

All devices, no installation

If you already use Google Forms and Google Calendar, just connect them, everything will run smoothly on Google’s servers, exactly what you asked it to do.

Expert opinions

“We think it’s a great idea, and we want to have it in our store!”
The Docs Add-ons Team
This is the first add-on that actually “syncs” Google Forms and Google Calendar.
T. V. Do
Google Developer


They are teachers, dentists and people who have many clients or partners who need an appointment..

Marina Vance
I travel a lot and in many different places. This app helps my partners everywhere know when I’m free and whether they are nearby to see me or not.
Brian Doyle
I pre-create time slots for the patient examinations and sometimes I have to cancel one or create another. Once connected, I only manipulation on Calendar, the application does the rest.
Jonathan Cole
Dance teacher
My students are not always free, so they want to know if I teach when they can go to class. This app really helped our passion.

Pricing Plans

Because connecting existing applications and running on Google’s infrastructure, this application is much cheaper than similar applications. And rest assured, you only pay for what you use, no monthly fees.

Free starter
  • 31 free bookings
  • All features
prepaid 5
  • 5000 bookings
  • No daily limit
  • Not expired
  • No monthly fee
prepaid 10
  • 10,000 bookings
  • No daily limit
  • Not expired
  • No monthly fee


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