About CEB add-on

CEB add-on is one of the easiest and most effective ways that help you to schedule the times with the clients. Everything is auto and make you active in your timetable

The add-on connects Google Forms with Google Calendar that helps the form’s respondents (your clients) select and book the most suitable time slot among the events that you pre-create for the meeting, working, servicing… purposes (with your clients).

CEB add-on Vs secretary

The CEB add-on is best suited to services that have many event slots with different time ranges (such as a dental clinic or trial learning scheduling).

Because of using Google’s platform, the cost of CEB is low, but the application is very stable and highly reliable. Google applications are compatible with all devices and platforms, which is also the advantage of CEB.

After you have established a connection between the form and the calendar, you only need to manipulate the calendar such as adding, changing, or deleting events … the rest is handled and operated by the add-on according to the previous settings.